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Golden Obsidian Mask - Duality Life/Death

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This mask representing the duality concept of the Mexicas (also known as Aztecs), is made in a gorgeous golden obsidian. It could be used to dress up your fireplace, among other things.

The man made observations of changes occurring in nature, made him realize the fact that along the year, there was a dry season and a rainy season; that is to say, a constant cycle of life and death. From there, duality concepts were tightly related and represented in many artistic manifestations since early times.

Life-death duality was represented either by means of a face; half side of it being alive and the other fleshless, or using two heads. The calendar and cult to the Gods along the year, were others ways to express such duality, where the most basic needs of the ancient man were captured: agriculture as life and war as an expression of death itself.

Pictures shown are of the actual object being sold. This handmade mask is unique, you won't find another one having the same type of obsidian, features and size; not even one made by us.

- Weight: 2.8 pounds (1.26 kilogram).
- Dimensions: 6.3 in tall x 6.5 in wide x 1.8 in deep (16 cm height x 16.5 cm width x 4.5 cm depth).

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